Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I shouldn't even say anything.....

NO I'm not preggers. :( I found out my house has been filled with black mold for MANY MANY years. Long story short..... Our roof leaked for a long time into our attic (I didn't know our house had an attic lol) I guess the attic then started to grow black mold. I researched and found that black mold can cause infertility and loss of pregnancies. So I have contacted my DR and we are going to start all the testing needed. This might explain a lot of my "odd" health issues. I did read that being gluten free can help with black mold detox. So since I have to be g-free maybe that will help me out for once. So now I just have to wait for the Dr and see what all I have to do. Everyone please say a prayer, light a candle, send well wishes or whatever you do for good health. I'm worried about my fertility but I am also worried about dying. This is all very scary.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Took some time off....

Well as you may have noticed I took some time away from blogging and TTC. We are just going to go back to the old school BDing. I tossed my BBT chart and we're just gonna "wing it" and see what happens. I DID do something non "conventional" tho heehee sssssssssssssshhhhhh you can't tell anyone. I got a reading from Jenny Renny. Jenny says I will get my BPF in July of THIS YEAR!!! With an EDD of March 30th or April 6th. We shall see. :) We're still trying. I just turned another year older so time is kinda "running out". Well thats all for now. I will be blogging regularly again :) I missed everyone. Luv ya and HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Time to Help Others

One of my bestfriends has a brain tumor. Her and her husband have started an organization to help to raise money and awareness for brain tumors and brain cancers. ANY donations would be wonderful http://www.walkforkate.org

AF Showed Up

Yep AF showed her ugly face. So here we are at the beginning of another cycle. Mike and I spent part of the day together today. It was great. We laughed and joked For a small moment in time I forgot how crushed I am. So it was nice. Then we laid on the couch and watched Bill Maher. I think this cycle I am just going to take my vitimins, temp and BD. No baby asprin, No musinex, no pineapple. Just the old fashion way sorta lol.

I wish I knew how to deal with my feelings of "anger" when certain types of people can pop out as many babies as they want. UGH I just don't know how or what to feel most of the time. I cry alot. I mean A LOT and it sucks.


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I have totally LOST it

Ok so I tested ( a bit early) and got a BFN. So today I go to Wally World with my mom. I go inside to buy paper plates. I come out and walk to the car I get in and my mother is holding a puppy. In my head I'm screaming GOD THIS ISN'T FUNNY I WANTED A BABY OF THE HUMAN VARIETY!!! I literally cried when I got home. Either AF is on her way or I need to test again on Monday when AF is due.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It's been way too long

Ok so this cycle my chart says I O-ed on the 13th day of my cycle (again). Well this time we hit the timing right on the head. We BDed twice on the 13th day. Now for the 2WW. I am supposed to test on Friday. I will be out of town so chances are I wont test until Monday. My period isn't due til the 27th or 28th. Iin my stupidity I went out and purchased 2 HPTs and took one yesterday. Of course it was negative and I was all depressed then I counted and the test is good 5 days before your missed period. It's was more than 5 days before my period. I also stupidly purchased blue dye tests. Which from my understanding aren't that great so I will have to go out and buy more tests anyway. I now have to find things to entertain me so I don't run over and pee on that damn stick ....even if it is a blue dye test lol

Sunday, May 16, 2010

oy oy OY!!

Ok so it seems my ovulation days have changed. Now it looks like I am ovulating on the 13th day of my cycles NOT the 16th. lol It wasn't this hard to get pregnant when I was a stupid horny teen ager. Back to the charting board lol Thanks to a change in O-ing I don't have much to report. lol Better luck next month huh? All I can do is laugh and smile right now. *kisses*