Thursday, August 27, 2009

You must Love me....

LMAO It has come to my attention that in order to travel with me you HAVE to love me. I am a spoiled pampered princess when it comes to travel. First class ALL the way. I have never carried my own bags and in most cases I have never unpacked my own bags. I did a bit of modeling during the World Series of Poker and in the process I snapped these pictures of my suite (which I shared with my photographer/bestfriend). When I get into shooting mode things like organization go out the window. After looking at the pictures I'm shocked that he has dealt with this for the last SEVEN years of traveling with me. He puts up with this WILLINGLY. Is he fucking crazy? lol I will admit I did have to clean this mess up myself. *gasp*

Saturday, August 15, 2009

The lil one is getting married

WOW my "lil sister" is getting married. OK so she's marrying a total douche bag but who am I to tell her not to marry him. I wonder how much a divorce costs now days. *sigh* So now I have the wonderful task of buying her a gift. I refuse to buy "them" a gift. She loves jewelry but doesn't have the money to buy herself anything really nice so I guess that's what I'll do. But what do you buy the goth chick that has everything? lol I'm way too busy and lazy to sit around searching the web all day so I went to

One stop shopping guide. W00t! It can't be anything too "trendy" since she is all miss gothic. OK I am oober spoiled now. They even have "tips" for shopping on a budget and heavens knows we're all on one of those now. not sure if I want CZ. I mean she IS getting married. Holy crap when you search it pulls up items from all sorts of stores on the web. Kinda like a personal shopper. I feel like Britney Spears lol I say what I want and BAAMMMM there it is. I see a lot of my xmas shopping being done here. OK I've narrowed it down sorta lol I'm getting a silver hammered cuff bracelet. Just not sure which one. Here are the choices

I like




They aren't "goth" but they are cute. UGH UGH UGH so many choices so little cash LMAO Anyone wanna "vote" on which one is best? Or I'll end up getting both lol