Friday, September 25, 2009

Glutenn free...YAY ME!!!

I haven't felt "good" in years. Seems like I overall just never feel good. I always have yucky tummy problems, headaches,fertility issues,moodiness, numbness in my legs and a host of other things. FINALLY we may have figured out wtf is wrong with me. I'm allergic to gluten. YAY!!! for figuring it out, right? WRONG! Not in my family. In my family I pretty much come last as it is. I don't really mind anymore. It's called life. My family is now pissed off because
when going out to eat with them I can't eat the same things I used to. So that upsets them because it's just me being "difficult" or something. My mother actually LAUGHED at me when I told her and informed me I was stupid and just going through the "change of life". Which is horrible for someone who wants a baby so badly. Does she care? Nope. Never has and never will. So here I sit in my office fishing shrimp out of the pasta dish my mother sent over. I was off gluten for a few days then by my own stupidity I had a crustini which of course has bread on the bottom. I did one of those "a little bit wont hurt". I got sicker than I had been in a long time. I went online and realized that eating gluten after having been off it for awhile can make you really sick. Lesson learned. A little bit can hurt. My aunt got mad at me because I got sick and said I wont be traveling with her anymore. I'm still new at this G-free thing. Give me a break. So pretty much my family is unhappy that I have to be G-Free. I have been totally off gluten a full week now and wow I feel great aside from the cold I picked up from my aunt's grand baby. lol This will be a work in progress for awhile and it seems it will be a work I have to do alone since my family is as supportive as a training bra on my 34DDDs. I am just so happy we may have found out what's been making me so sick. I honestly was afraid that I was dying and that I'd never know why. I told my mom I was afraid I was dying and she told me that we are all dying everyday we live. Which is true but it's just scary when you think you're doing it faster than everyone else.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Real Parents Vs Fake Parents

I was reading a few different blogs about Michael Jackson's children (yeah I know don't hold it against me)and I kept seeing that people feel the need to know who the "real father" of MJs kids are. Simple answer .... MICHAEL JOSEPH JACKSON is their real father. A real father is someone who loves you, cares for you,takes care of you , feeds you, clothes you, provides for you and any number of other things. I don't understand why biology is so important. I view it the same way as I do adopted kids. Their kids are just that THEIR kids. I mean are adoptive parents just glorified baby sitters til the person who popped the kid out feels like raising it? NO they are parents. If MJ had legally adopted the kids in the public eye no one would be saying anything. OK wait that's a lie. No matter what these kids would be in the spot light. OK so what MAYBE he used someone Else's sperm (maybe he didn't)that's between him and the donor NOT the general public. ok So what about sperm donors? I would hate to think that all the guys I knew in college who donated sperm to buy ramen noodles for the month would some how have rights to the products of their donation. Or could be sought out after years and told hey this is your kid say Hi! Why can't these kids just be left alone. Their dad is the man who loved them and raised them. Plain and simple. It's so not the publics business.