Saturday, July 25, 2009

Beach Babe

I am just way too Californian for my own good. I got to spend some time on beautiful New Port Beach before returning to Las Vegas. The beach is the best (and worst) of what mother nature has to offer. I spent hours jumping and laughing as the waves rolled in. It was a much needed relaxing vacation. The beach was packed but even so it was still peaceful. I'm in the process of detoxing my life and there was just something about at one with nature in the water that was so calming and amazing.I could never leave California totally I love the beach too much. Gotta love any place where I can eat at Ruby's on the peir and turn around and go to yoga at 5:30pm lol

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

WalMart....Home of the Creepy!

Going to WalMart in general is never a good thing for me. It's even worse when you do it in the "hood" at like midnight. NOTHING good can come of this. I went to the local Wally World by where my mom lives. OY There is a special sort of shopper that goes to WalMart anyway but it's a whole new story when they are going in there at like 12am. Not only did I fear being murdered, raped, molested or thrown up on I feared the insane amounts of unattended drooling/sticky children roaming the store in search of entertainment while their parents sifted through the mountains of cheap shit that they don't need and shouldn't be buying in the first place. Sadly it is illegal to tar and feather the parents of these wild monsters. As I walk through the store searching for tampons and chocolate I have to step over and try not to kill myself on pallets of merchandise that some how made it from the back room to the middle of the floor. REALLY!??!?! The middle of the floor? UGH. I get my items and walk to the check out stand. Equal opportunity employment at it's best or worse depending on who you are. If you are going to work with the English speaking public you should be able to SPEAK ENGLISH!!!!! I would have even been happy with a check out girl who spoke Ebonics. But noooooooooooooooo I get the spanish ONLY speaking bitch with an attitude bc I didn't understand what SHE was saying. My purchase was $8.40 I hand her a $10. She takes it closes the drawer and looks at me. I said my change. She says in her BEST broken english "no change". 10 minutes later she and her manager figure out that I am owed change. I grab my stuff and leave. The parking lot is yet another battle ground. 5 steps outside the door a man runs up to me asking if i want to buy DVDs from the trunk of his car. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa no asshole go away. A few more steps and I'm asked if I'd like to purchase a watch from under the coat of a rather shady looking man in a trench coat. I am just happy I made it to the car alive. No more late night trips to walmart.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Shoulders Back...Show the Rack

I'm sitting here watching Drop Dead Diva on Lifetime. Not sure I like the show yet. I hate that the skinny woman dies and is soooooooooooooo upset about being put into an average sized woman's body. YES i said average. Size 16 is average. She keeps looking in the mirror and seeing her new round face and gets all sad and depressed. To me being a size 2 isn't "healthy" and in most cases doesn't actually look good. I think I'd be more upset to wake up as a size 2. That would mean I would have small boobs no hips and no booty. All things I love about myself. I could do without my puffy tummy but I'm working on that. I just can't understand how being a size 2 is oh so much better than being smart but with a thicker wasitline. Tho I do think I have my new tag line "Shoulders back....Show the rack". I think I will keep watching to see what direction the show takes. Woman CAN be beautiful and not be a size two just as people can be ugly and a size 2. Thick chicks can and ARE sexy. Stick figures ...well they're stick figures and who wants to play with that?

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

WTF is wrong with women today?

I'm sure I'm gonna sound VERY 1950s but I don't care. I was in the post office today. There was a girl there with her husband and her mother. They were joking around about how the daughter has NO home making skills what so ever. She can't cook she can't clean doesn't know how to change diapers or anything else. Her reasoning was "I'm only 25". She laughed that "cooking" to her was frozen dinners in the microwave. What is it with so many women under the age of 30 that do not know how to cook from scratch? My bestfriend and I loe nothing more than cooking for those we love and care about. Heck we even make pancakes from scratch. (1 egg
1 cup flour
3/4 cup milk
2 Tablespoons oil
1 Tablespoon sugar
3 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt)
It is just beyond me that a woman wouldn't know how to cook for her mate. What happens when these types of women have children? Do they feed them McDonalds when they pop out of the womb? I'm not saying take out or fast food is "wrong" but don't you want to be able to cook your own food and know exactly what is in your food? If you can't pronouce it chances are you shouldn't be eating it. Now days you can cook a meal in less time it takes to get a pizza and for about the same price. Even if you have to work and don't havemuch time you can toss something in the crock pot on the way out the door and it's ready by the time you get home from work. With sites like and it's easy to make healthy and fun home cooked meals for your family at ANY age.
I find that men look at me oddly when i offer to cook them a meal or bake them cookies. They seemed shocked that i know where the kitchen is let alone HOW to use it. Has the art of cooking been lost on our current/next generation of wives and mothers? Hell I even made home made babyfood for my friend's son. ( I guess I just think in some ways it's "ok" to have "women's work". Do i think a woman should know how to cook for her mate and children? OF COURSE!!!! I think men should know how to cook as well but I can't speak for them. I don't have a penis. I only know how I feel from a female point of view. Learn to cook ladies. Quit making the rest of us look bad.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I laugh ...I cried....and cried some more

I like millions of others sat and watched the Michael Jackson memorial. I thought it was a fitting tribute to an amazing man. I think so many of us forgot that Michael was a dad. That was a part most didn't get to see and if we DID it was viewed as something "odd". Paris put a more "human" face on the day. MJ was a father. A father who loved his children and who's children loved him. It was sad yet freshing to see. MJ was not only an entertainer but a damn good daddy.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

World Series of Poker BABY!!!

I got a chance to watch Daniel Negreanu play in the WSOP. I love him. I do believe he might have ADD or ADHD lol He was up and down all through the tourney. Walking back and forth signing autographs and reading in between hands. He does it ALL so well that it makes it just a bit more entertaining lol Whatever he has he's damn good at what he does. I also got a chance to watch Annie Duke play in the H.O.R.S.E. tourney. We all actually shared a laugh. There was a rather tall man standing in front of the clock so no one could see it. Annie made a comment about how she didn't pay to SEE the clock or anything lol sarcasm LOVE IT! Well Andy Black started in on it too so we were all laughing bc the guy was just standing there. The guy walks over to the watch Annie play and saying that he was the guy standing in front of the clock. Annie was like wow I like how you just confronted what we were all saying. She ended up signing his poker book and we all had a good laugh. He was totaly a good sport about everyone talking shit about him standing there. The whole vibe of the WSOP is a fun one. Right now the Main Event is going on. SHUFFLE UP AND DEAL BITCHES!!!