Monday, February 14, 2011

Took some time off....

Well as you may have noticed I took some time away from blogging and TTC. We are just going to go back to the old school BDing. I tossed my BBT chart and we're just gonna "wing it" and see what happens. I DID do something non "conventional" tho heehee sssssssssssssshhhhhh you can't tell anyone. I got a reading from Jenny Renny. Jenny says I will get my BPF in July of THIS YEAR!!! With an EDD of March 30th or April 6th. We shall see. :) We're still trying. I just turned another year older so time is kinda "running out". Well thats all for now. I will be blogging regularly again :) I missed everyone. Luv ya and HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!

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